DaD Valve is a new revolutionary approach to the simulation of the classical valve sound for digital audio systems. It can be purchased as part of the Analog TDM Bundle, which also includes DaD Valve for TDM, or for RTAS, MAS, VST, Audiosuite and Premiere as part of any of the versions of EverPack. It is also included in the Global TDM Bundle along with Shape, Tape, Max, Wide and ReDSPider TDM. 

DUY's DaD Valve is available for the following Mac platforms: TDM, VST, MAS, RTAS, Audiosuite and Premiere. 

Main features

  • Real valve sound, with its classic warmth, within the digital domain, and with characteristics and control impossible to achieve in conventional valve systems.
  • Simulation of the most common valve types -triode, tetrode and pentode-, with a full range of biasing and operating levels.
  • Optimized responses for the 38 most common families of acoustic and electronic musical instruments. Also suitable for the processing of any kind of sound: music, effects and voices.
  • Propietary system based on physical modelling providing absolute and independent control over both spectral and dynamic responses, with a total of 1600 different configurations.
  • Easy and intuitive user interface.
  • High signal to noise ratio due to high-quality internal resolution.
  • Easily updateable and expandable.


  • Processing of all kind of electronic and acoustic instruments, either individually or by sections or sub-mixes.
  • Specially suitable for voices and sound effects.
  • Mastering of complete mixes.
  • Suitable for all styles. It adds even harmonics to cold electronic sounds and restores the lost warmth to acoustic instruments.

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