DUY Shape is a new revolutionary approach to sound enhancing based in the exclusive FDWS algorithm. It can be purchased as part of the Global TDM Bundle, which also includes DaD Valve, DaD Tape, Max, Wide and ReDSPider TDM, or for RTAS, MAS, VST, Audiosuite and Premiere as part of any of the versions of EverPack

DUY Shape is available for the following Mac platforms: TDM, RTAS, VST, MAS, Audiosuite and Premiere. 

Main features

  • Exclusive FDWS (Frequency Dependent WaveShaping) algorithm processing.
  • Three band smooth filter with full audio range continuous crossover points.
  • High quality analogue sound filters using modelling technology.
  • Three independent user defined Shapers with virtually infinite resolution and accuracy. Each shaper has:
    • Eight different Shaper curve types including Linear, Log and Cosine functions.
    • Linear expand function to optimize dynamics.
    • A set of 5 factory presets for typical applications.
    • Simultaneous Input and Output plasma-like meters.
  • High signal-to-noise ratio due to high quality internal resolution and noise shaping in the lower 24 bits.
  • Mix switch for only Low, Mid, Hi Shape or all (default) which allows easy independent adjustments.
  • Powerful and intuitive user interface.


  • Suitable for processing of any kind of sound: music, musical instruments, voices or effects.
  • Processing of independent tracks or mastering of final mixes.
  • Processing possibilities include Dynamic enhancing, Smooth equalizing, Waveshaping Compressor, Frequency enhancing, Sound "revitalizer" for old mixes, Frequency energy redistribution with user defined response...

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