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Bundles & packs:

  • NEW Native Bundle Configurator!!
  • Global Bundle TDM
  • Analog Bundle
  • EverPack
  • Global Bundle PRO TDM
  • Mastering Bundle

  • Individual plug-in information:

  • DUY31: Analyzer, GraphicEQ & Callibration - NEW!!!
  • DUY Silence - noise reduction
  • DUY DaD Tape (native)
  • DUY Magic Spectrum
  • DUY MagicEQ
  • DUY DaD Valve
  • DUY DaD Tape
  • DUY SynthSpider
  • DUY DSPider
  • DUY ReDSPider
  • DUY Shape
  • DUY Wide
  • Max DUY
  • DUY Z-Room

  • DUY31 - Analyzer, 31-band EQ & Room callibration - NEW!
    DUY31 is a suite of 3 amazing plug-ins: a frequency analyzer, a 31-band EQ with amazing extra features, and a white & pink noise generator, which will help you enormously with your mixing and mastering. You can even Callibrate your Room/studio/space!!

    DUY Native Bundle Configurator - NEW!
    Buy any combination of DUY EverPack, DaD Tape, MagicEQ, Magic Spectrum, DUY31 and DUY Silence. Configure your own Native Bundle!! For RTAS (OSX & WinXP), Audio Units, VST and MAS. High quality at an affordable price!

    DUY Silence - powerful noise reduction tool!
    Unwanted noise is a thing of the past. With the new DUY Silence Noise Reduction plug-in for native systems (RTAS, AU, MAS & VST on MacOSX), select a small sample of your recording with noise and remove it in seconds! You have to try it to believe it!!!!

    DUY Magic Spectrum
    A high-quality mastering tool, based on adaptative equalization, DUY Magic Spectrum allows you to perform Spectrum Matching, or even enables you to actually modify the frequency contents yourself with edition tools!! Amazing precision and versatility!

    DUY DaD Tape (native)
    Looking for the real analog sound? Award-winning DUY DaD Tape is now available for native systems too!! Get DUY DaD Tape in your mixes and become a pro. As Charles Dye would say: "I never mix without DUY's DaD Tape". For RTAS, AU, VST & MAS.

    DUY MagicEQ
    An incredible plug-in that automatically equalizes your audio and lets you polish the results at your own taste! This exclusive mastering software, with DUY's own proprietary technologies, is an easy-to-use high-quality plug-in. Native or TDM versions.

    DUY Analog Bundle
    Famous for its capabilities of warming up any kind of sound, DUY's Analog Bundle includes DUY DaD Tape, the renowned and award-winning tape simulator, and DUY DaD Valve, an impressive tube simulator. For TDM.

    DUY Global Bundle PRO
    If you're looking for a complete TDM and RTAS package that will solve all your studio needs, DUY Global Bundle PRO includes many DUY TDM and RTAS plug-ins!!! Tape, Valve, DSPider, Wide, Shape, SynthSpider, Max, Z-Room...

    DUY Global Bundle
    This is the ultimate solution for any TDM-based studio. DUY Global Bundle includes 6 amazing TDM plug-ins, useful for pro recording or mastering: ReDSPider, DaD Tape, DaD Valve, Shape, DUY Wide and Max DUY, all for TDM.

    DUY EverPack for OSX (multi-host!)
    DUY EverPack includes 5 excellent plug-ins for RTAS, Audio Units, MAS and VST, for Mac OSX: DaD Valve, DUY Wide, Max DUY, DUY Z-Room reverb, and DUY Shape. This is the perfect solution for any serious Mac-based homestudio.

    DUY DSPider
    "The Plug-in creator". DUY's DSPider is the tool for sound designers to create their own plug-ins!! It also includes over 220 loadable and modifiable presets which feature compressors, limiters, reverbs, equalizers, Pitch effects, etc...

    DUY ReDSPider
    "The Plug-in library". DUY's ReDSPider is a reader version of DSPider. This means you can use over 200 different plug-in effects for TDM, such as synth effects, compressors, limiters, reverbs, equalizers, Pitch effects, etc...

    DUY SynthSpider
    DUY SynthSpider is an amazing Modular synthesizer for TDM systems, which allows users to create their special proprietary sounds. Plenty of presets are provided.

    DUY EverPack for RTAS (Windows XP)
    DUY EverPack includes 5 excellent plug-ins for RTAS (Windows XP). If you have a Mac, choose the Mac version. Thousands of happy DUY users need these plug-ins for each one of their mixes and productions! DUY Z-Room reverb, DUY DaD Valve, DUY Shape, DUY Wide and Max DUY.